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CDX Analysis provides detailed information and fundamental analysis on the many of the CDX Index products. All information will be publicly available with sources referenced as much as possible.

The new indices are launching in the next month, details will be provided as soon as possible:
LCDX10 Summary
HY10 Summary
IG10 Summary

LCDX9 Summary - the current, on the run Loan CDS index
LCDX8 Summary - mostly historical, there is little activity in this series any more.

HY9 Summary - the current, on the run High Yield index
IG9 Summary - the current, on the run Investment Grade index


The CDX indices are run by Markit (http://markit.com). This site is by no means endorsed by markit, is not meant to infringe on any intellectual property, trademarks, etc.

Do not trade based on any information on this site. I attempt to be accurate, but cannot make any guarantee of anything. Most information is taken from company web sites which may be old, incorrect, or misleading. I cannot and have not personally verified everything.